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All courses are in English, with Spanish translation available. Todos los cursos serán en inglés con traducción al español disponible.

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* Course costs includes tuition and full board (room and food).

About Residential Retreat Courses

ATE - Awakening the Third Eye

This is an introductory course and has no prerequisites.
What is an ATE workshop? A list of skills covered during the workshop.

Beginner IST - Inner Space Techniques

This course is an introductory course and has no prerequisites.
About the Inner Space Interactive Sourcing technique
Information for students attending an IST course

IST Focus

Focus your IST by targeting a specific aspect of your process. Open to people who have already completed at least one Beginner IST course. People who have just completed the Beginner IST course are welcome to stay on.

Thunderwand Meditation

Open to people who have already completed at least two IST courses.

The "Thunderwand Meditation" is the main Clairvision technique of meditation.

It uses qualities such as inner light, inner sound and levity, to internalize awareness and cultivate the 'thunderwand': the central channel of the body of energy.

The thunderwand is the central channel of the etheric body (life force).
It has subtle levels that resonate with the higher consciousness of the Ego. Through daily practice of the thunderwand meditation, there is a cultivation of the body of energy.

The life force becomes increasingly aligned to high spiritual frequencies and becomes a vessel that can hold the Spirit.
Taking the analogy of the body as a temple, the thunderwand would be the flame on the altar.

About Lodging and Meals

Price includes standard shared accommodation. Single supplements are available on request and availability.

Europe Awakening the Third Eye workshops

What is an ATE workshop? A list of skills covered during the workshop.

Location Date Conducted by Venue Cost Early bird/ Concession Information/Registration
Ljubljana, Slovenia Dec 3 - 4, 2022 Katarina Medved Devi joga center
Bobenčkova 4, Ljubljana
210 EUR
Refresher: 90 EUR
180 EUR
(by Nov 16)
Phone: +386 31 880 220

For information on the Residential Awakening the Third Eye (ATE) course in Cork, Ireland, click here.

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Information und Literatur zu den Kursen

Was beinhaltet der Kurs "Erwecken des Dritten Auges"? - auf englisch
Informationen zum IST Kurs - auf englisch
Rückführung - Eine Therapie für Freiheit im Hier und Jetzt - deutsche Ü?bersetzung

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