Weekly Training

One year weekly training

This course is an opportunity to experience first-hand various states of consciousness and awaken spiritual vision – connect with high aspects of your own nature and, through the IST technique, clear emotional and energetic blockages and become free from accumulated layers of conditioning.

In parallel with the practices of IST and meditation, the course contains a significant body of theory.

The combination of practical experience and theoretical background allows for a deepening of self-knowledge and of the world around you. Even the most mundane situation becomes an opportunity to apply the techniques of the work. Life becomes a feast of vision.

Before attending the weekly classes, regardless of previous meditation experience, it is a requirement to first take part in an 'Awakening the Third Eye' weekend. This creates a common foundation of techniques and understanding upon which the work can develop.

Aims of the course

A learning of IST - Inner Space Interactive Sourcing

Gain first hand experience of IST. Become capable of implementing IST on other Clairvision students, and later on practice it with people who are not students of the technique. Understand the principles of IST, and how a metaphysical dimension can be integrated into psychological work.


Gain a know-how of handling emotions and losing astral weight. Understand what samskaras are, and how your astral body operates through reactions. Observe the mechanisms of samskaras first hand through observing them inside yourself. Make the samskara process work for you. Experience the massive release that accompanies a successful IST session. Move towards freedom from conditioning. Find out what drives you. Get to know your deep unconscious pulls and understand how they have influenced your life-choices and decisions.

Third eye awakening

IST is an extremely powerful way of awakening the third eye vision. Through IST and other practices of vision there is a growing realization of the action of angels and other non-physical beings. In the long term, this awakening of the subtle bodies is just as important as the work on the samskaras.

Deepen your experience of meditation

Dive into the inner space and experience states of being which are inaccessible to ordinary mental consciousness. Learn to access no-mind states in which your consciousness can cognize that of angelic beings.


Lectures are the opportunity to gain insights in a variety of topics relevant to a modern-day spiritual path of depth. Discussion and lectures cover diverse topics such as:

  • Mapping consciousness
  • Cosmology and its relevance to everyday life
  • The approaches of different traditions to spiritual freedom
  • World events seen from a viewpoint of interacting global forces
  • Subtle bodies - theory and practical discovery
  • Various aspects of health and self-healing
  • Computers, technology and their impact on the spiritual life of human beings

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